6. Skishop


You're planning heliskiing the Himalayas and want to rent your equipment already?

No worries, just contact us! Your Kashmir Heliski Team.

You don't want to bring your own gear as it's too inconvinient for you to carry on a flight? Or simply you don't have some professional powder-equipment. No worries! We have a fully equipped skishop located at our Global Ski Lodge (directly at our office in Gulmarg). You can rent everything from our skishop. Starting from Powder skis to Snowboards, Transceivers, Shovels & Probe. But no worries if not, we also offer a huge variety on different ski and snowboard boots. Our gear is suitable for kids starting age 3 onwards to all adult sizes.

No shoe, no show

If you have your own boots we would highly recommend to drag them along. Even if we have a big plenty of choice, it is hard to find the right shoe. Everybody knows a pinching shoe is annoying and we want you to have your best days in your life.

Gear for Kids

Our special social outreach. We give free gear to Kids from Kashmir. Tourism is very important for the economic. Many of the children could get a job in the ski business because of our free gear and free ski lessons. If you have any old gear for children at home, we would be happy if you bring them along. Surely we can find a child, that will love it. If you hav any questions about it, send us a mail.

Rate of rental equipment per day for the winter 2019. Local students will be given a 50% discount.

Gear Rate per day
Powder skies 1500 INR
Racing skies 500 INR
Powder board 1400 INR
Snowboard 500 INR
Transceiver (BCA) 500 INR
Shovel & probe 500 INR
ABS Backpack 1300 INR

If you use the cartridge of the ABS Backpack by mistake you have to pay 10,000 ₹ INR for refilling the Bottle.