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You´re planning to heli ski the Himalayas and want to make a reservation for your gear already? No worries, just contact us! Your Kashmir Heliski Team.

Don´t want to bring your own gear as it´s too inconvinient for you to carry on a flight? Or simply you don´t have some professional powder-gear. No worries! We have a fully equipped ski shop located at our Global Ski lodge. You can get everything from our ski shop. Starting from Powder skis to Snowboards, Transceivers, Shovels & Probe. If you have your own boots we would highly recommend to drag them along. But no worries if not, we also offer a huge variety on different ski and snowboard boots. Our gear is suitable for kids starting age 3 onwards to all adult sizes.

Rate of rental equipment per day for the winter 2014. Local students will be given a 50% discount.

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 Rates per Day
POWDER SKIS** 1,000 ₹ INR /  15 US $*
RACING SKIS    500 ₹ INR / 7,5 US $*
POWDER BOARD 1,000 ₹ INR /  15 US $*
SNOWBOARD    500 ₹ INR / 7,5 US $*
TRANSCEIVER (BCA)    500 ₹ INR / 7,5 US $*
SHOVEL & PROBE    300 ₹ INR /    5 US $*
ABS BACKPACKS  1,200 ₹ INR / 19 US $*


*) US $ depending on the daily exchange rate.

**) K2 Pontoon, K2 Obsethed, K2 Helbent

If you use the cartridge of the ABS Backpack by mistake you have to pay 10,000 ₹ INR for refilling the Bottle.

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Professional powder & avalanche gear @ Global Ski Shop in Gulmarg.

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