You want to be safe? So do we! And we are!

The local benefit

Billa and his whole crew know those mountains like the back of one’s hand. He and his Kashmiri guides have all grown up here and have been skiing in the Himalayas since a young age. When they begun skiing there was no gondola and they started as young children on very basic gear. Our Kashmiri guides have worked with us since the beginning of Gulmarg Powder Guides back in 1998. Billa is the first officially registered ski-guide in India authorized by the J&K Tourism Departement.

Our international plus

All of our international guides have undergone a professional education in avalanche science as well as in heli skiing of course. This education includes a first aid course apart from the expertise in becoming a heli guide. Just check out our overall experience under GUIDES. The whole international crew is working with us since the beginning in 2010 and therefore they also know our heli area as well as our kashmiri guides.


Safety & Rescue education.


We care about you

The Pir Panjal Range in the Himalayas provides steep and serious terrain. These are the Himalayas, nothing else. If you want to ski here you should be aware of that fact!!!
Before your journey to Gulmarg, we recommend you to gather as much knowledge as possible concerning avalanches, back country skiing and safety. On your first runs we will take you into our avalanche controlled bowls near the gondola. We will check your knowledge and skills in handling the gear like abs-bags, transceivers etc.. Of course you will receive a briefing by us on how to handle the gear. Lots of our runs are north facing. As a serious skier you should know: avalanches can always happen!
For your information: in 2010 unfortunately 16 Indian army soldiers and a few foreign ski tourits lost their lives in an avalanche. Same happened again in 2014 where one foreign skier lost his live in an avalanche. Sadly it is to state that those accidents happened, were triggered by foreign tour operators not knowing our mountains precisely enough. As you can see it is essential to have a guide beside you who you can rely on.

The best technical equipment

We have 2 Helicopters from Eurocopter of the type AS B350 B3e. Running a heli-business is only safe as long as you operate with 2 helicopters at the same time as one is always available for a back up and to offer rescue possibilities. Of course all our backcountry clients are safe while our Gulmarg Powder Guides are always in touch with our pilots at the heli base. We also provide a snowmobile for bad weather conditions and tree access with a rescue sled.

Should you have an accident while skiing, there´s a first aid hospital here in Gulmarg. We could also fly you into Srinagar hospital where there is a helipad to land for us. Billa knows a lot of doctors from his childhood on as he went to school with them. We do advise you to have your own personal travel and / or ski insurance!


In 2012 two avalanches were triggered at the same time by other tour operators! Kashmir Heliski came on the scene for a successful rescue operation. Everybody was safe in the end. Check out the article in the local newspaper from February 2012.