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Kashmir Heliski’s package selection

Are you looking for your ultimate heli skiing experience in the Himalayas? We at Kashmir Heliski selected the finest tours and hotels to show you the most beautiful spots in Gulmarg, Kashmir. We introduce you to the finest powder in the Himalayas and make it an unforgettable heli skiing adventure for you. That’s our Kashmir Heliski promise.

Take a look at our selected packages that offer you heli skiing in the Himalayas and choose which one is the most suitable for you.
All packages include heli skiing, guided backcountry skiing on non heli-days, accommodation plus unforgettable impressions at a very unique place on earth.

For your convenience and information we´re happy to let you know that we´re in direct contact with our hotels as well as with the houseboats. For the fact that we are a single operator we can make your stay flexible beyond our packages as you wish to have it. Just send us the request you have and we will organize it for you.

Heli ski package overview

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[/plan][plan title=”Powder Week” price=”9,380 USD*” color=”grey” target=”_self” button_text=”more information” button_link=”/powder-week-package/”]

  • 8 days
  • 5 star
  • 54 runs / 6 days
  • 54
  • non-heli days
  • incl. apart from
  • 1 night house boat on Dal Lake in Srinagar
  • Ultimate Heli skiing experience

[/plan][plan title=”Pir Panjal ” color=”grey” price=”5,870 USD*” target=”_self” button_text=”more information” button_link=”/pir-panjal-package/”]

  • 8 days
  • 5 star
  • 27 runs / 3 days
  • 27
  • 3 days
  • incl. apart from
  • 1 night house boat on Dal Lake in Srinagar
  • Heli skiing

[/plan][plan title=”Face Shot” price=”2,900 USD*” color=”grey” target=”_self” button_text=”more information” button_link=”/face-shot-package/”]

  • 8 days
  • 4 star (Deluxe)
  • 9 runs / 1 day
  • 9
  • 5 days
  • incl. apart from
  • 1 night house boat on Dal Lake in Srinagar
  • The Classic

[/plan][plan title=”Mt Apharwat” price=”1,840 USD*” color=”grey” button_text=”more information” button_link=”http://www.kashmirheliski.in/luxurious-charter/” target=”_self”]

  • 8 days
  • 4 star (deluxe)

  • 6 days
  • incl. apart from
  • 1 night house boat on Dal Lake in Srinagar
  • The Mt. Apharwat

[/plan][plan title=”Half Day Heli” price=”1,000 USD*” color=”grey” target=”_self” button_text=”more information” button_link=”http://www.kashmirheliski.in/half-day-heli-new-2018/”]

  • 1 days
  • 4 star (Deluxe)
  • 5 runs / 1 day
  • 5
  • 1 day
  • incl. apart from
  • Get a taste of Himalayas

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Singular runs **new 2018

If you have already an accommodation, want to be very flexible or just try heliski without any package, we highly recommend the singular drops.

[/vc_column_text][pricing_table columns=”4″][plan title=”1st drop” price=”14,00 INR*” color=”grey” target=”_self”

[/plan][plan title=”2 drops” price=”24,000 INR*” color=”grey” target=”_self”][/plan][plan title=”3 drops” color=”grey” price=”36,000 INR*” target=”_self”][/plan][plan title=”4 drops” price=”47,000 INR*” color=”grey” target=”_self”][/plan][/pricing_table][divider_line type=”divider_blank”][divider_line type=”divider_blank”][vc_column_text]

*) USD depending on the daily exchange rate. (exchange rate from: 11.05.16).

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We kindly advise you that the payment must be the amount in Indian Rupees. Your booking is confirmed when the complete funds are received and processed by Kashmir Heliski.

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Our Refund Policy.

On days when the weather does not cooperate for heli skiing we do offer you a very fair and transparent refund-policy.

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