Juerg Wegmueller – Switzerland

Juerg is a mountain person and a passionate pilot. He has been an active paraglider before he started his education as a helicopter mechanic in 1993. He is flying helicopters for twenty years, seventeen of them as a commercial pilot. Besides his flight experience in airplanes, Juerg has logged more than 6.000 flight hours in helicopter cockpits with tasks ranging from supplying goods to remote alpine huts to scenery flights with film crews and many more duties. He is rated as a flight instructor and trains pilots in high mountain and glacier landings. That’s why he has accumulated an impressive number of close to 15.000 high mountain landings.

As a real Swiss, Juergs second passion lies in all mountainous regions of the world. As an experienced mountaineer and skier from early age on, you will find him in the mountains most of the time – be it by foot, by skiers or up in the air.


Mike Reed – Canada

Captain Reed has been born and raised in the helicopter industry. He’s a commercial pilot with over 12,000 helicopter hours, covering a range of missions – from heliskiing, mountain rescue, and emergency response services to a large range of precision long line work including firefighting, mining, and powerline construction. Mike’s favourite line of work is flying with wildlife conservation projects.

Originally from New Zealand, he now lives and works in BC, Canada. His passions include flying, family, mountains, and wildlife.

We’re lucky to have him here at Kashmir Heli Ski!


Erwin Schaerz – Switzerland

Erwin is a Swiss Commercial Pilot. He loves outdoors, mountains, mountainbiking, skiing and especially doing such things with his family.
He’s been involved in aviation since 1998, flying fixed wing and later as a helicopter mechanic.
Flying helicopters since 2005, Erwin has exposure to a large variety of flying operations from the cold climate in the Canadian Yukon to tropical flying in the jungles and rugged highlands of West Papua. His favorite places to fly are the mountains however, so we’re excited to have him in Gulmarg. He’s logged a total of more than 2200h in helicopters.


Andreas Kunert – Germany

Andreas is a pilot by passion. He started flying at the age of 18 and has been in the air for well over 8.000 hrs.

He flies all kind of aircrafts ranging from light pistons and aerobatic planes to all citation jet models and a variety of helicopters. He is rated in Europe and the US and is a designated type rating instructor and examiner on a range of airplanes and helicopters. Andreas holds Swiss and french mountain ratings for both fixed wings and helicopters.

Despite his qualification as a captain on a big business jet with modern cockpits where he could fly to exotic destinations all around the world, his passion is in the high alpine mountain range. Whether it´s a single engine glacier aircraft or a helicopter – he loves the mountains.

His motto as a pilot is: ‘our passengers should have the same fun as I do while flying.’